Making the Connection


Why were we drawn to the T@B? We searched for small trailers on the Internet and found a whole world of people who embrace the tiny camping lifestyle. When the whole world is your backyard, how much indoor space do you need? That question is different for all of us. Foul weather is a big issue, our plan is to follow the sun. Are you a fashionista who needs a substantial  wardrobe to be happy or a chef who needs space to cook and every gadget? Does your hobby require a lot of equipment? Are you over 6 feet tall? If any of the above are true, T@B living/travel may not be for you. 

I have analyzed myself. I’m not a social butterfly, I’m most comfortable at temperatures in the 70’s.DSC_0144

I love being out on some small lake or pond on my kayak or walking along some trail through the woods.

I’m not an extreme athlete, my wardrobe choices are comfortable, easy maintenance clothes that don’t show dirt and dog hair. I’d rather spend the day out shooting pictures and the evenings editing. Food that fits my grab and go life is what makes me happy. 

Is our T@B perfect for us. Not quite.DSC_0389

We have three elderly dogs





and have to make accommodations for their comfort. We are both overweight so the bathroom door is a tight squeeze. Storage space is limited. We are still working out the logistics of what goes where.

But do we love it? Yup! It’s got style, it’s easy to tow, and set up is a snap. 

DSC_0427 DSC_0408