Fly Bitten

imageHello Everyone
Nutshell here
Just a short note to tell you of our last outing. We were looking for a camping spot on Wellington Lake. Human Dave checked to see if there was any spots to camp right down by the lake. Human Edie didn’t want to camp at Wellington if there was not a spot down by the lake.
So it was back to Freddy to tow me to a boon~docking site. The humans found a site that wasn’t too far from the lake. Dave got me backed into place and I had a great view. It took a lot of work to get me leveled. image

Bill Bal was under my left wheel to lift me up to level. Blocks were needed for my stabilizers. Humans Dave and Edie decided to not put my tent room up. LMWO (Laughing my Wheels Off) They sure made a mistake by not putting my tent up. There were flies everywhere. Humans and canines took refuge inside of me from the flies.image
Human Edie loaded the canines, Oz and Max into Freddy and they took off. Freddy told me that they went to Wellington Lake. The humans got a day pass and went to a day use area. The humans unloaded Gil (one of the kayaks) and left the other one on top. Humans didn’t need two kayaks as someone had to stay with the canines. imageEdie took Gil out for a long trip in the lake. The canines didn’t want Edie to leave them. So they made a lot of noise barking. The wind was blowing and Edie had a hard time making headway. imageShe made it quite a way up the lake with a lot of trouble. Freddy said that she didn’t know if Edie was going to make it back. Even the canines didn’t know where Edie was. Canines were more interested in trying to keep the flies off of them. Edie made it back and all were happy to see her. She asked if human Dave wanted to try it. Dave pondered long about it. He finally got his life vest on. Human Dave took not one but two trips in Gil. Dave got back onshore to find that the flies were really now biting canines and humans. They loaded Gil back on top to be with Shark Bait, and strap both of them down tight. Freddy brought them back to camp.
The humans had to load me up with all of the camping stuff and head back to town. Humans Edie and Dave had to work fast as the flies were biting them. I felt sorry for Edie and Dave having to be outside with the flies. The humans looked around the camping area to see if there was any trash out that needed to be pick up. We try to leave a camp site cleaner than when I was parked there.
Freddy pulled me back to town.
The Nutshell