Life’s a Beach

Note to readers: I am writing these posts after we arrived home to the Denver area my goal is to catch up with our fall trip before we head out on our winter adventure. I apologize if this confuses anyone. Lucky for me any pictures I take on my cell phone can be tracked by date and place so the experiences in this post took place October 25-27.

I’m really a mountain girl deep in my heart but the siren call of a warm sandy beach is too much to ignore. We just plunked down $18 for two more days in Marble Canyon and with the surprising advantage of a full internet signal we will enjoy our stay.

In the three days we are here we have gotten to know a few of our neighbors. There many different camping styles represented. Several small tents, a handful of big Class As and 5th wheels. One other teardrop, a couple who have brought their kayaks and are sleeping in the back of a pickup under a tarp and the woman next to us who is car camping in her Subaru. There is also a group of school girls that have been bused in and are tenting in the group site.

Now that you know the above facts, I will tell you that the only severe weather we will experience on our trip is heading our way. This is when I am happy to have an internet signal. I pull up the weather app and see the red and yellow areas on the radar have us right in the path of storm. We debate the wisdom of leaving our awning up but the wind is already blowing hard and I feel that disassembly in the wind might cause more problems than leaving it up. We anchored it to the existing shelter and will take our chances. Here comes the rain.

The Nutshell rocked a bit and I could hear the “whoomp” of the awning as it strained against its tethers. We fell asleep the steady drum of rain on the roof thinking about our tenting neighbors and happy we had a solid roof over us.

We all made it through the storm, neighbors with less shelter than us faired ok and our awning rode out the storm intact. We relaxed and enjoyed the day, Dave with his weaving and me editing pictures. Our neighbors to the right left in the early morning and a new unit pulled in later in the day. We noticed that their truck was licensed in Wisconsin so Dave went over to say “Hi”. By odd coincidence their names were Dave and Edie, and they had relatives who had lived in McHenry County in Illinois where I an originally from. We visited with them until I had to get supper started.

The next morning we Drove into Page, where I did the laundry while Dave hung out with the dogs. When the laundry was fluffed and folded we eased on down the road to Lone Rock.

We were almost to our turn when Dave happened to look down at the gas gauge. “OH NO” Yes, the idiot light blinked on and we were scrambling on what to do next. We could turn around and head back to Page but pulling the T@B we might run out completely before we reached a gas station. We could continue the short distance to the beach and drop the trailer and then head back into town to get gas. We were opting for the second choice when we crested a hill, the road to the camp ground was just ahead and yes , whew, a gas station that we had failed to notice was just before the entrance!

We paid our fee, pulled onto the beach, set up the solar panels,  shed our shoes and walked to the water’s edge. Warm sand, cool water! Ah yes, life is a beach!

It’s Wednesday, December 14th in real-time. I have watched the future casts for traveling. Looks like Sunday-Tuesday looks like our best window for travel to see our families for Christmas. Our plan from there is to head to the Texas Gulf Coast and some kayak adventures. If you haven’t completed your holiday shopping yet, I know that Amazon has some great sales going on. Shopping through our link here will fund our future trips.

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