We’re Back!

We’ve been back in Colorado for about a month and I’m just now getting back to blogging.


As many of you know who have follow our posts on Facebook, our journey continued from Padre Island to the San Antonio area on Saturday, January 14th. I had for a long time wanted to visit the River Walk and the Alamo. Texas hill country fascinated me with trees green and fully leafed out in the middle of winter. These trees I learned are live oaks.

In trying to keep our costs in check we are always looking for the best bang for the buck. With economy in mind I researched places to stay around San Antonio.

We settled on Canyon Lake as our destination and Potter’s Creek park as our campground of choice. The campgrounds around Canyon Lake are Corps of Engineers sites and as such are covered under the  umbrella of the National Parks Senior Pass. Therefore a site that would cost younger campers $26.00 per day cost us $13.00. That is awesome for a site that offers electric and water hookups, a paved parking pad, a covered picnic table and hot showers. We wrote a check to cover a three-day stay, found a spot and settled in to our new home.

In moving into a hill country campground we moved from the isolation of boondocking on the beach to an established “Winter Texan” community. The people were warm and welcoming. Everyone waved a Good Morning, offering advise about places to visit and information about the campground.  And then the storms hit. Rain and wind for 6 days straight. We set up the tent to protect the tubs we had unloaded from the car and retreated into the “Nutshell”. Buffeted by wind and rain we luckily had  strong internet and television signals.

We were concerned about the rain as this area was still in recovery from flooding in 2015.  Our neighbor who was a volunteer at the park informed us that lack of funding had limited opening the other loops at Potter’s Creek but fortunately for us the loop we were in was uphill from the lake.

A line of storms marched through the hill country and by the time our three days were up we hadn’t had a day that was dry enough to visit San Antonio. With no real reason to move on we signed up for three more days with the weatherman promising a break in the weather on Thursday.  Strong winds had blown water and dirt into the tent so when there was a short break I took the broom out to sweep the tent floor.

“Ouch”. what was that. I slapped at a bug that was biting my wrist. A red ant, OMG  its a fire ant. I had heard about these little beasts and had noticed the anthills farther down the hill. Several more of the little villains  attacked my feet and I retreated to the T@B. It was time to do my research on fire ant bites.

“The fire ant sting typically causes red hive-like lesions that burn and itch. Painful pus-filled lesions can also occur. Cold packs, pain relievers, and antihistamines can help relieve the discomfort. A large number of stings may trigger a toxic or severe life-threatening allergic reaction.”

Oh joy, in total I had about 10 bites and no allergic reactions. For the next few weeks I had itchy oozing bites to contend with and a healthy respect for fire ants.

On Thursday the rain let up and we drove down to San Antonio to visit the Alamo and the River Walk. Max was well behaved as we ate outside along the river. On Friday we left the rain and the Hill Country behind and headed toward the Texas -Mexico border.