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I started this post in May and it is now October. Well if you have been holding your breath waiting for my next blog entry, I have successfully murdered you. Sorry about that.

When I started this blog, it was meant to be a daily log of our travels chock full of exciting places and wonderful tips on how to make this happen for you. I find the reality is how the heck am I going to make it a possible  for us.

We spent two wonderful months traveling the southwest. We really didn’t want to come home but there were two things that dragged us back. Dave’s health issues and taxes to be filed.

We have been housebound now since March, not so long but enough time for the wanderlust to set in. Summer has come and gone. We decided not to do any long trips over the summer because we would have to share our favorite places with the dreaded tourists. The influx of tourists means we will have to compete for the prime camping spots. None of this wandering into a campground at the end of the day and having a choice of multiple spots.

The second reason is yard work. I imagine that we could hire some kid to come mow the lawn but there are other chores that are easier to do in the summer. I had planned to leave the house for a winter long trip in better shape than we did this past year.

We belong to a local group of campers who all camp “small”. I’m not going to mention the name of the group here. Some of you who may choose to read this blog will know it. It is organized by a wonderful couple who plan at least 2 campouts a month from March to October. We camped with them several times in the last two years and have always enjoyed the experience.

This year we decided to sign up for all the campouts. So after doing the taxes, I sat down and made the necessary reservations to camp with the group. Most of the people are still working so the majority of the trips will be weekends. We have the luxury of being retired so we can extend our time in a location or stay someplace nearby if we want to.

We have been many campouts so far and have enjoyed them  a lot. Most of them were three day trips and a couple had us out for a week.

In May we added a new family member. Dave, Max and I are getting to sedentary. So at the end of April we went to the local animal shelter and adopted a 6 month old Chiweenie puppy. It has been many years since either of us have been exposed to puppyish behavior but I am pleased to say that “Mocha” has embraced our lifestyle with amazing ease. I’ve been wondering if she is a reincarnated former pet or is channeling the other dogs we have had. Suffice it to say she has  wormed her way into our hearts.

I am going to attempt the revival of this blog as I have so much we have learned to share with you. The dream is still strong in our hearts to make this travel life style a reality. We aren’t living a glamorous life. Far from it, we have to make daily decisions on where to go and what to see and when it’s time to pack up and head for home. So stick with us as we iron out the wrinkles.

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