In the beginning there was…

…Edie and Dave and the fur kids. ¬†And Edie said lets go to the mountains and take beautiful pictures. So they did and it was good, but the sun set and the dogs needed to be fed so home they went. But an idea formed in the minds of Edie and Dave. Let us camp in the mountains so we no longer have to rush home and feed the dogs. So Edie and Dave bought a tent and it was good.


But the rains came and the tent leaked, and the air bed collapsed under the weight of Edie, Dave and all the fur kids, the old bones ached and a new plan was formed.

Let us get a big 5th wheel and travel in style! But the planned was flawed. A big truck was needed to pull the big 5th wheel and the budget did not allow for the big truck and Edie feared driving the big truck, and Dave could not always be alert enough to drive the big truck.

So a new plan was formed. Edie and Dave saw a T@G. It was cute and small enough to pull behind the Subaru and Edie and Dave were happy. And the search for the T@G began. But Edie began to have doubts about the T@G, It was very small and in bad weather cooking outside would be uncomfortable, there were no T@G dealers close to Denver. There were however T@B dealers and yes, the T@B could be pulled by the Subaru. So December 30th, 2014 the T@B came to live with Edie, Dave and the fur kids.

img_0902And it was good.